Kansas Chapter elects 2022-2023 Executive Board Members

This past Spring semester, it was time for the men of the house to elect the new Executive Members of the Kansas Chapter Delta Chi chapter. The members in the house expertly and thoroughly considered each candidate for their respected position, and are confident that each one will guide the chapter in a successful and reputable direction.


Left to Right: Johnny Steven (“F”), Cooper Ahlers (“D”), Joey Hellen (“E”), Anthony Mistretta (“A”), Alex Adler (“C”), Cody Lange (“B”), Jason Collins (“G”)

The entire chapter is proud of the new board, and are excited for this charismatic and scholarly group of men.


Virtual Recruitment Tour

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, our Fraternity could no longer recruit new members in the same way. To help work around the limitations of quarantine and social distancing, we decided to upload the Virtual Recruitment Tour linked below. Now that most chapter operations are back to normal the best way to see our house is to contact our Recruitment Chairs and schedule a visit, but this virtual tour is still a great resource to get some insight into what our Chapter is like before seeing it in person!

Virtual Tour

Recruitment Chairs’ Contact Information